Welcome to my blog

Jtw blog is a space designed primarily for an audience of one i.e. myself, but you are also welcome to browse. I write because I have something to write about and to give expression to what is ‘within’. You most likely arrived here by design (followed my twitter bio or I gave you the address) or by accident. If the later, I hope it turns out a ‘happy accident’ for both our sakes. Either way, you are welcome.

Tucked away in this discrete corner of the world wide web, you have stumbled upon my online ‘soap box’ and ‘shop window’ that gives a glimpse into ‘the man’. I am still figuring it out too, so it is an evolving narrative.

We could do with more honesty, humility, tolerance and compassion in all our interactions. 2020 has taught us this amongst many other lessons from COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, BREXIT and the era of Fake News amongst several others.