Skills and practical experience profile

My wealth of practical experience and skillsets acquired in 20 years + of Public Sector service are listed below in 5 distinct, yet interconnected packages.

Listed in order of personal preference (and critical self-evaluation), number one represents the space of my optimum performance and passion (spirit, soul and body) and ‘value for money’. It is the space in which I generate the best outcomes for any business, group, community or cause.

In 2021, I am only considering opportunities that lean heavily towards 1 & 2 below. Yet any prospective employer or partner gets all 5 capabilities in the package! This is me!

Community engagement, cohesion and empowerment

  • Communication skills
  • Listening skills
  • Emotional intelligence skills
  • Administrative skills
  • Strategy and engagement planning design skills
  • Workshop design and facilitating skills – facilitate dialogue
  • Equality and diversity management skills – Equality impact assessments
  • Survey structure and design skills

Local government/Third sector service delivery

  • Public Value focused service – design, prioritisation and delivery
  • Service re-design – based on feedback & co design with community
  • Private/Public  model of service delivery – options and design
  • Partnerships and networks – Utilise and maximise outcomes
  • Performance management framework – design, implementation and management
  • Risk management – framework and design
  • Stakeholder management
  • Contract/Contractor management

Customer experience and advocacy

  • Customer feedback and complaints – process design
  • Customer journeys – mapping and design, channels
  • Mystery shopping – design and implementation
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Media Communications

  • Message and messaging- communication plans
  • Reports and stakeholder communications
  • Website content management  (CMS) – workflow design and management

People/Project/Team Management

  • People and workload management
  • Work force and capacity planning
  • Performance management
  • Budgets and cost centre management